Dairy Research and Teaching Farm

Teaching tomorrow’s dairy leaders in a real-world environment.

The farm evolved from the consolidation of four dairy units — the most recent being the Randleigh Farms, a gift from the Kenan family.

The 389-acre operation supports a herd of 245 registered Holsteins and 55 registered Jerseys, an ideal mix to support dairy teaching, research and production. Through cooperation with Dairy Records Management Systems — the largest dairy records processing center in the United States — the farm has improved herd management, and increased support for research and teaching programs.

Five key areas of investment will have a profound impact on the farm’s future:

  1. A state-of-the-art milking parlor so students have the best in hands-on training.
  2. Renovations of the freestall barn to demonstrate exemplary cow comfort provisions.
  3. Construction of a breeder heifer facility to improve research and herd management.
  4. Addition of a classroom and museum honoring Randleigh Farm’s heritage.
  5. Creation of a Visitors Center for public outreach in agricultural education.
  6. Creation of an endowment to support ongoing maintenance and enhancements.

Ways to Participate

  • Make a cash gift payable over a 1–3 year period
  • Donate specific equipment or materials to help up-fit facilities
  • Donate land or other real property*
  • Establish your own named legacy

* This type of donation may result in significant tax benefits and/or income for retirement or for your heirs. Please consult your tax advisor.

Randleigh Museum and Dairy Teaching Room

Pastoral image with small pond, red roofed barn-like museum

Inside the Randleigh Dairy Museum

Milking Center

Floor Plan (Click to Download PDF)