Give to Build

Help Us Build A Home for Howling Cow

Right now, most people think they can only buy Howling Cow ice cream once a year — at the State Fair.

And if we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: “Why don’t you sell this all the time?”

Actually, we do sell some on campus all year long. But we can do much more — with your help.

We are raising money to build a brand new creamery, right next to Schaub Hall, where the ice cream has been made since 1968.

This is about more than bricks and mortar. It’s about building a brand that takes NC State’s long heritage of dairy and food science leadership well into the 21st century.

Howling Cow. Not just great ice cream. But locally-sourced milk, butter, yogurt and cheese. Who wouldn’t want that? Better quality, better value — and a true investment in our own great state.

A full-service ice cream parlor with indoor and outdoor seating for over 100 people will be on the ground level. You can get cones or cups of ice cream, as well as all sorts of specialty treats like milk shakes and sundaes. For here or to go.

Upstairs is where the real action is. The training center will be the hub of learning for both tomorrow’s dairy leaders and for the people of our state whose farms are forming some of the best sustainable agriculture communities in the nation. We will teach them the intricacies of food product development — safety, quality and nutrition. From the smallest budding entrepreneur to our largest industry partners, we will help them grow their businesses sustainably and efficiently.

Creating opportunities that are locally invested and economically viable. It’s what NC State has always done. And with your help, what we will continue to do with Howling Cow.

Why Should You Give?

We realize that if you have the ability to give, you have a lot of options.

So why give to us? Because it’s real. It’s our heritage and our future.

North Carolina has a strong agricultural history. And today we are one of the nation’s leading states in the modern
farm-to-fork movement.

We are proud to be helping here. Our state’s diverse food producers are also our greatest job producers — whether a large processing plant or an artisan cheesemaker maintaining the family farm — all practice their craft here in North Carolina.

Your gift can make all the difference. Please check out our many naming opportunities.

Contact the NC Dairy Foundation Campaign for Excellence

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